Dear Fellow Dentists,

David Chong Yen (DCY) and his team including Bob Ngo and Louise Wong, have been my family’s financial quarterback for about 15 years.  David is candidly frank and will advise me on what I need to know and not say that which I wish to hear.

They make the time to understand my goals, vision and business.  They execute/deliver on what they say they are going to do i.e. you can count on their words being translated into actions/results.  David and his team’s network, intimate knowledge of the dental industry, specialized tax knowledge (as David and the three of his teammates are tax specialists) and business savvy have enabled me to achieve my goals and keep out of tax trouble.  Their attention to detail, negotiating prowess, in depth tax knowledge saved the day.  During the past year, CRA (tax department) performed an audit and initially requested several hundred thousand dollars. This was in the middle of tax season.  David and Bob attended to every detail of the audit in an efficient, timely and professional manner.  I was vindicated when I received a letter from the tax department stating that I do not owe any money.

To label David and his team as accountants would be short changing them.  They provide a sounding board for prudent business decision making, insurance against the tax department and connections that only a firm serving the dental profession and more than a thousand dentists for over 30 years can provide. I have encountered many people claiming to be Dental Accountants.  David and his team are the Real Deal.

As  a specialist myself, I appreciate the results these tax specialists generate. Having used both a general accountant  and a tax specialist, I have firsthand experience knowing and appreciating the difference. You would be well advised to have David (DCY) and his team as your financial quarterback.


Dr. Harinder Sandhu
Past Vice Dean & Director, Schulich Dentistry, Western University 


Dear Colleagues:

At the moment I am writing this letter, I am enjoying my semi-retirement status (transitioning to full retirement in a couple of months) at the age of 56. After practicing for over 20 years here in Canada, I sold my practice to one of my associate dentists. I have never been in a better place than right now.

You may be wondering, how did she do it? Why is she able to retire at an early age? First of all, my gratitude goes to my Lord for granting me good health, a good family with career-fulfilled children, and successful years of dental practice. Secondly, my gratitude goes to my accountant, David Chong Yen and his associate, Judith Ho. All throughout my years of practice, they shared their expertise of accounting, as well as the bonus practice management tip. They were extremely helpful and dependable. It’s safe to say that they spared me the headache of doing the accounting side of my practice. My husband, Bobby, and I have confidence in them and they are considered family.

I told myself 20 years ago to make sure I choose the right accountant for my dental practice. After numerous interviews with referrals from colleagues, I was led to the right accounting firm who I can trust and has expertise in the dentistry business. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend David Chong Yen and Judith Ho.

To David, Judith and staff of DCY Professional Corporation Chartered Professional Accountants, thank you so much for being a part of my dental career. Bobby and I will always have you in our prayers that you and your accounting firm may prosper in God’s grace.


Dr. Ruth Abacan & Mr. Bobby Abacan

Dear Fellow Dentists,

As a foreign trained dentist who graduated in 1990 from the University of Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic, I dreamed for some time of owning my own practice, by acquiring the practice where I had been working for the past several years. I tried to achieve this dream by working with my previous advisers. Unfortunately, they lacked the network, contacts and intimate knowledge of the dental industry to make this dream come true.

Then I was referred to David Chong Yen by a colleague. After speaking with David Chong Yen on the phone and explaining to him what my goals were, we met promptly that evening, only five hours after our telephone discussion. The meeting included the banker, despite it being 7:00pm.  I was assured at that meeting that financing would be in place and in fact it was.

David’s network, intimate knowledge of the dental industry and contacts enabled me to achieve my dreams including owning the practice where I had been working for several years.  He and his team put their specialized tax knowledge to work, structuring the deal so that upon closing  the transaction, I received approximately $212,000 in tax deductions.  He and his team also facilitated the transition as well as providing me with a sounding board for business and operational issues, practice management advice and most importantly, practical advice.

Shortly after the purchase of the practice, he also helped my wife achieve her dream which was owning her dream home.  Again, through his contacts, the transaction involving my wife’s dream home was seamless.

To pigeonhole David as an accountant would be to sell him short, since he has provided much more than tax and accounting for my family and me. His straight-forward disciplined approach is ballast for my financial and business life.  I would recommend him to any dentist looking for not only an accountant but more importantly a business partner and adviser.

Please feel free to contact me about David.

Dr. Samer Akkad

Dear Colleagues,

As a young new Dentist recently graduating from a Canadian Dental school as an international student, practicing Dentistry as an associate was my very first job in Canada. This came with a lot of excitement and opportunities for me, but it also came with a sense of dread as I knew tax season was fast approaching and I knew close to nothing about the Canadian Income Tax system.

Throughout my first year of practice, I was seeking out various Continuing Education courses and Symposium to expand my knowledge.  This was also a valuable opportunity for networking with other dentists and other professionals working in the field.  I soon heard about David and DCY through my networking ventures and I was lucky enough to sit in on a lecture he was presenting at one of the symposiums I was attending.  It became clear to me that I needed an accountant to help me with my taxes and personal finances.

I contacted them about my interest in getting an accountant to help me file my taxes and within a few minutes I was on the phone with David himself, who inquired about my background, expectations, and future goals.  David was very professional and I felt that I was in good hands.  He referred me to one of his associates to oversee my case.  Soon after I received a package in the mail welcoming me to DCY which included a booklet which outlined everything I needed to know about the Canadian Tax System.  This booklet was very informative and broke down all the details into a brief and easy to understand summary.  I proceeded to meet David’s associate, Eugene, in person, who answered all of my questions regarding taxes and investments.  He also went over all of my earnings and expenses and helped me plan several personal investments.

Once tax season came, I received another package in the mail outlining exactly how much I owed the government. Everything was very clearly outlined in the package and I was scheduled for a FaceTime appointment with David himself to go over everything and make sure that all my goals are met and all of my questions are answered.

Joining DCY has been the best financial decision I have made since graduating from Dental school. David and his team have made the process of filing my taxes, a task I have been dreading, very easy and seamless. I cannot recommend them enough.

Thank you for a truly exceptional service.


Dr. Abdullah Alawady


Dear Colleagues,

As tax season was fast approaching, I dreaded the thought of writing that first big tax cheque to the government. Once the 1997 Tax Package arrived in the mail, I figured I should stop procrastinating and find myself an accountant. I set out to find someone I could trust and who had the expertise in dealing with the dentistry business.

I was impressed with David’s presentation at Western in 1997 and decided to give him a call. I am glad I did. In the relatively short time I have known David, I feel I have benefited greatly. He has already shown me a more effective method to pay off my OSAP loans. He helped me to arrange, with a major bank, a loan with an exceptional interest rate. Because of his knowledge of the dental field, he prepared my tax return in a manner that limits my tax burden. David also took the time to discuss with me, different things I could do to minimize the taxes I have to pay in the future.

I found David to be very personable, competent and informed. In short, he was exactly the type of accountant I wanted. I highly recommend David Chong Yen.

Good luck and Happy Graduation!

Yours truly,

Dr. R. Todd Appleton

As a new dental school graduate, there is alot of uncertainty with everything from your first associateship to filing your income taxes. I was fortunate to have David Chong Yen and his team to help me navigate through all the questions.

After associating for a year, David’s networking helped me to find an outstanding office to purchase in my hometown.  Again, his team was invaluable in directing me through the difficult purchase negotiations, obtaining financing, and providing a financial forecast for the new office.  Once the purchase was complete, David was always available to answer the questions a new practice owner has beyond just accounting.  I feel confident asking David about any aspect of my practice.  He is trustworthy and extremely well informed about the business of dentistry.

I can honestly say I would not be where I am without David’s guidance.  The best decision a new graduate or a practice owner could make is having David on your team of advisors.


Dr. Atefeh Asadi

Dear Colleagues,

As a new graduate, I found the world of dentistry overwhelming.  When starting out, it was difficult to know which path to take and what optimal strategies to follow for success. I found the competition fierce and the stress levels high. 

Thankfully, David Chong Yen and his team helped kick start my career.  I first met David during a presentation after school at U of T.  It was a late evening during a busy clinic and exam season, so few of my classmates attended. However, I remember being so captivated by David’s honest and eye-opening presentation.  David enlightened me to the world outside teeth, something I had previously overlooked. As a dental student, learning how to do fillings and root canals was hard enough. David reinforced that career planning was an important key to being a successful dentist.  Ever since that presentation. I knew that if I followed David’s advice, I would do well.

After completing a general dentistry residency in California, I returned to Canada and was looking for an associate position.  I naturally reached out to David to see if any of his clients were looking for associates. I attended numerous interviews, including two clinics that were referred to me by DCY’s office.  Out of all my interviews, I was most impressed by these two clinics.  I could tell immediately from my visit that they were well run, and that they were making a good profit year over year.  I ended up choosing one of these two, and had an amazing and busy year working as an associate for one of David’s biggest clients.

After some time of associating, I decided I wanted my own practice.  This is when I started working with Clark, David’s very bright associate. David and Clark recommended I purchaser an older practice in a rural area. At first, I had some concerns with the dated equipment, instruments, and sterilization area. However, David called me personally and, after a long chat, convinced me it was the right fit. I remembered my previous experience with him and decided to take the leap.

I can now confidently say that I am happy I followed his advice. My practice, although a little older, meant it had room to grow. I also had a loyal patient base to work with from day one. With today’s hyper competitive market, I was happy to have locked in a good price and secured easy financing with David’s connections.

Although I’m just starting my career, I know I will be working with Dave and Clark for a long time to come.  They have helped me navigate the hard road of dental business and am grateful for their support. I have genuinely recommended them and do so often.  David’s team has the experience and skills needed to help you achieve the full potential that comes with being a dentist.


Dr. Dan Auprix


Dear Colleagues,

I’ve known David Chong Yen for approximately 3 years now. I first met David when I was interested in buying my existing practice. Over the years, David has been an asset in my success. He has always maintained a professional and dedicated approach to his profession. I look forward to working with and confiding in David throughout my career.


Dr. Vijay Bansal

Dear Interested Colleagues,

If you are looking for an accountant, I would highly recommend Mr. David Chong Yen, Chartered Accountant.

If you would ask me if he were the best accountant around, I would have 10 replies that I do not know. However, what I do know is that for my precise needs, he has certainly proven to be the best. He has taken care of my specific accounting needs as well as provided timely advice in the areas of taxes, business and financial planning for both now and the future. I have found him to be quite knowledgeable especially in the health professional field but that should be no surprise; the majority of his clients are health professionals. We are his ‘specialty’.

As a matter of fact, it was another Chartered Accountant who referred me to David so he has some recognition in his own profession. And having experienced David’s services, it is easy for me to recommend him to YOU without any reservations.


Dr. Philip A. Chang

I have known David Chong Yen since 1994 and consider my association with David to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. For over 20 years, David and his team of professionals have guided me through every phase of my dental life. 

From the very start, David impressed me not only with his expertise in accounting and taxation, but with his intimate knowledge of running a dental office.  Through the years, David has provided valuable guidance on buying a dental practice, growing and structuring my business, managing the office, achieving practice efficiencies, and purchasing real estate.  His detailed advice, his extensive relationships with other dentists and dental related professionals, and his group’s hard work made a seemingly complicated transition smooth and worry free.

David focuses on our individual situation and gives advice that is both practical and immediately applicable.  In many cases, we have implemented David’s tax and business suggestions and have seen positive changes the very next day.

Equally important is the comfort level my wife and I feel with David.  He and his team take the time to address our concerns and to keep us updated on relevant information.  Our questions, no matter how basic, are answered in a frank and straightforward manner.  Over the past 20 years, David has not only been an advisor, but a friend.  He has always dealt with us honestly and with our best interest at heart.  David is someone that we trust implicitly.

As my professional and personal life continue to change, I appreciate, more than ever, the value of David’s skills and the strength of his character.  I have every confidence in David Chong Yen, his staff, and his team of specialists.


Dr. Wilson Chen 


My name is Dr. Joseph Fava and I am a 1998 U of T graduate. The purpose of this letter is to recommend my good friend and accountant David Chong Yen to take care of your accounting needs.

While in dental school, I served on many committees and held many elected positions, most notably being D.S.S. President. It was in that capacity that I was introduced to and got to know many of the accountants on a personal as well as a professional level. David impressed me with his knowledge of accounting and more importantly with his knowledge of the business of dentistry. In school we learn what it takes to be a dentist in terms of knowledge base, and manual dexterity, however we don’t learn anything about what it takes to be a successful dentist in the real world. I credit much of my success to David. He was instrumental in the process of purchasing a practice. He guided me through the contract negotiation, and single handidly set up my finances. The fact that he recently added CFP (Certified Financial Planner) to the cod of his name makes choosing David as your accountant a “no brainer”.

I know many of our colleagues who struggled through their first years of dental practice because they surrounded themselves with accountants/insurance agents/lawyers/financial planners who were incompetent. Do yourself a favour, choose David Chong Yen to be your accountant. I guarantee you will not regret it.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at my office, I will be happy to assist you.


Dr. Joseph Fava

As we close out our newly established professional corporations’ year ends, Dr. Jason and I wish to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude for all you and your staff have done throughout the process. Being clients of yours for over nine years and already having established a Hygiene Services Corporation with you, we had nothing but trust in your judgment, ability and expertise.

Shortly after meeting you for the first time it became apparent that you possessed a unique intellectual inquisitiveness towards dentists and other professional’s specific business and personal concerns including practice management, investment issues, succession planning and personal life challenges. Thus we entered into our major restructuring with confidence. True to form, you exceeded our expectations.

What we did not expect was the tremendous ability, knowledge and support your staff had provided us throughout the process. Mr. Basil Nicastri in particular played a key roll in establishing and carrying out our goals. He provided clarity and attention to detail throughout our incorporation process.  More than once Basil and I were exchanging e-mails after ten o’clock at night.  He was helping me understand specific accounting items point by point.  It truly felt like he was sacrificing his personal time so that I could get a good night’s sleep. He was as dedicated to our success as you have always been.

David, we feel fortunate to have established with you years ago. Your team is as trustworthy, dedicated and approachable as you are. You have taken many professional careers; including ours, to the next level in such a seamless manor unique to your profession. You are certainly our “most important partner in business”!


Dr. Jeff Figliuzzi

The importance of surrounding oneself with a group of professionals who can fill the voids that dental school missed can not be overemphasized. The idea of becoming your own boss, owning a practice and managing your money are excellent goals as long as you have an idea of how to reach them.

We were first drawn to DAVID CHONG YEN because he was a dynamic speaker. We stayed with DAVID however, and made him our financial advisor, because we realized that we found an individual whose expertise was in the very area that we lacked knowledge.

David has been instrumental in the acquisition of our dental practice, the securing of suitable financing and the establishment of a business sense that we didn’t even know we had. We consider David the cornerstone of our business dealings. His advice throughout our purchase has saved us considerable time, effort and most importantly money. His unique ability to explain even the most complicated facts and figures in a way that all can understand is probably one of his best traits, yet he continues to remain professional throughout all of his actions.

We find it a great pleasure to consider DAVID as a part of our team and we openly recommend him to all who are in need of filling the void.


Dr. Karen Fung & Dr.Chevreul Harris

For more than ten years now, I have been relying on David Chong Yen to provide me with financial guidance, advice and support for both my professional and personal affairs. The scope of his service for me has changed as the complexity of my own life has changed. At every step of the way, from new graduate to established practitioner, I knew that I could always count on reliable and professional service from David and the other members of his team.

David was instrumental in assisting me in the purchase of my dental practice. I can honestly say that he took care of everything and left me with very little to worry about. Since then his firm has prepared financial statements and year-end summaries for my practice, prepared tax returns for myself as well as for my family, and provided invaluable tax-planning strategies. His experience also affords him the ability to help in practice management, which has been extremely helpful.

I believe that two of David’s greatest strengths are simply, that he cares and that he knows what he is talking about. He genuinely wants his clients to do the best that they can financially, and he has the tools to help them achieve that. I feel very confident in David, and absolutely would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Sylvia Ha

I am pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation for David Chong Yen, who has been my accountant, practice advisor, and friend for seven years.

David knows the business of dentistry, and his guidance has greatly contributed to my success. After working as an Associate Dentist for a short time, he helped me to evaluate and purchase a practice, and then establish a hygiene service corporation and family trust. I seek his advice whenever practice management issues arise: everything from dealing with employees to deciding whether to buy or lease new equipment.

I encourage you to choose David as your accountant, and assure you that his knowledge, resourcefulness, and willingness to help will augment your professional life in ways you never expected.


Dr. Ken Hamel

David has been my accountant since 1999. In all the years I have known him, he has continually demonstrated competence, honesty and integrity. David has a highly professional way of conducting his work. He demands excellence from himself and his office alike to serve his clients in the highest regard.

In addition to taking care of my daily accounting needs, David has a broad understanding of the challenges in running a dental practice. He is able to advise on issues such as dental equipment, procedures, employee management and continuing education. His broad outlook and knowledge in the dental field allow him to provide exceptional advise. David always takes his work a step further than anyone anticipates. He is my primary consultant in all my decision making. He has proven himself time and time again. He proactively looks out for my best interests and always guides me right. Even though I am probably in a position to find an accountant in my own city to take care of my accounting needs, I have chosen to continue with David since I feel his services have an invaluable place in my success.

Someone once told me to encircle myself with a team of people I can trust – it is my good fortune that David is one of those few.

With kind regards,

Dr. Maneesh Jain

To Whom It May Concern:

Since I graduated from the Dental school, I am taking the privilege of the services provided by David Chong Yen and his team. When I met him first time, I came to know that I have not only met an exceptional accountant who has a great business mind but also a person with great professionalism and ethics who can guide me best to make successful progress in my career. It may still have been my dream to own a practice if I have not met David. He provided me with every aspect of buying a practice along which include geographical information as well as patient base and production a practice can have in future.

In addition, David and his team analyzed my expertise in dental area and then guided me about the dental courses that needs to be taken to make the practice successful. During the purchasing process, DCY team guided me very professionally step by step about the whole process which made no pressure on me and thus making the purchasing process very smooth while I kept concentrating in my work and spending great time with my family. Whenever I need their assistance, they were just one phone call away and always helped in the things which were not clear to me in a very honest, straightforward and professional way.

Moreover, I am really impressed with their valuable advises and guidance in the terms of smooth transition, structuring the business, managing the staff and growing the business in short and long term. Also, their perfect and honest advice during the transition period is helping me in running the business smooth and making my base strong.

Finally, I will not hesitate to say that David has not only met my expectations but surpassed it. I am very happy to have such professionals as my accountant who have not only helped me in filing the taxes but also guided me to walk on the best and right track with their advice and skills.


Dr. Amarpreet Kaur

Dear David,

Insight, dedication, wisdom and a total commitment to client services and success. The “heart” that this team gives to all is the differentiating value that you receive from DCY and co.

I recently purchased a my own practice. David and his team guided us every step of the way. Their attention to detail and diligence in ensuring that all the tasks in this complicated process are completed in exemplary fashion demonstrates the high standard that they hold themselves to.

David’s industry experience, knowledge and network provided tremendous perspective into some of the issues we faced. He was a calming and settling factor that helped reduce the stress of this significant purchase.

This team consistently out delivers on expectations. The value they provide certainly exceeds their fees. Even before I had officially engaged him, David was willing to provide insight and comment on various practices that I was considering. During pivotal points in the purchase process, David and his team did whatever was needed to help guide me to make the right decisions, drastically reducing the “what if”, or “I wish I had”, factor.

I don’t consider David and his team to be my accounting firm. I consider them to be a integral partner and “hand” in helping me as I build my practice and strive for success


Dr. Vernon Koo

Dear Dental Colleagues,

Reflecting on my 38 years in practice, I have had many thankful moments.  The introduction and association with DCY for the last 15 years would definitely be classified as one of my professional and personal highlights.  I wish to share my sincere gratitude to David Chong Yen, Basil Nicastri and the DCY team for their years of professionalism, invaluable service and friendship.

Although David and Basil have a large, mostly dental clientele, the personal service that I have received would make you think that we were their only clients.  I have constantly been impressed with David and Basil’s knowledge of the dental industry whether it be on ODA and RCDS guidelines, associate matters or personal business related subjects.  They have always been prepared to give an opinion or comment on suggestions to help with the decision making process.  Time is never factored into a phone call, email, Skype or meeting – David and his Timex is always present and available!

As a dentist, we all face challenges in the day to day running of our practice.  Throughout all the stages of your career, it is extremely important that you have an expert team to help you make the key decisions that you are faced with.  The DCY team has the knowledge, dedication and guidance to assist you with any given transition through all stages of your professional and personal life.

I would strongly recommend DCY and Associates as an integral part of your team.  Whether you are looking to associate, buy a practice or market your own, I feel that David, Basil and the DCY firm are one of the best choices that I have made.  My only regret is that I was not introduced to his trustworthy team earlier in my career.

“Thank you for the years of being an integral part of our dental team. Your service to myself, dental team and family has been exemplary.”


Dr. Drew Mathany

Upon graduating from orthodontic graduate school in 1999, I was fortunate to have been introduced to David Chong Yen. His skills are exceptional and they are attributed to not only his expertise in the field of accounting, but also his knowledge of dental practice management. David and his entire team provide a very professional working relationship and they are always willing to answer any questions that may arise. David’s clients can be rest assured that they will be kept abreast of government policies on taxation through his very informative newsletters. His advice on associateship-buyins and partnerships is also invaluable.

I have been very pleased working with David and I would strongly recommend him and his entire team for both personal and business financial purposes.

Dr. David Michelberger


I met David in one of the seminar series we had on the last year of our program in UWO.

The way he presented and handled his seminar and the true knowledge he showed us during that meeting assured me that I would not be having any problem finding an accountant I was looking for. His expertise in the dental business field and tax strategies along with years of working with dentists building up their career, as well as his excellent reputation, left me with no doubt that he was the one.

As I started my career as an associate, he set up our corporation in the first year to save us thousands of dollars in tax from the bat.  We’d always have a discussion at the end of our meetings because David was advising me to buy a practice immediately and I’d refuse to agree with him do to the fact that I was doing very well as an associate. He never stopped bluntly reminding me that I was wasting my time and I was listening to him and passing on nevertheless.  His attitude and approach made me believe that he was not just an accountant taking care of my financials but he had my best interest in mind passing through his advices and offers.

During my associateship period, he and his associates recommended us multiple practices and encouraged me to proceed with any of them but I was not getting convinced that it was right time or right practice to have considering my situation.

Finally, after seven years of working for others, I felt that I was really missing the opportunity of having my own business.  At that time I truly realized the value of having David as our consultant.  Accounting was not the only thing he did expertly during the whole process of purchasing our practice but he introduced us to his professional network that we needed on our side to close a guaranteed deal.  He basically led the whole process with his honest and expert work, getting the best financing rate, his comprehensive due diligence and practice audit, his portfolio and financial forecast that were shown later as a very conservative prospect with minimum achievable revenue and his dedication to see and meet our best financial and ownership interest.  Simply put, had we never had David as our guidance, we would not have been where we are standing right now.

Accountability, reliability, availability, honesty and expertise are a few among many words about his character.

I strongly recommend David and his firm as the best I have ever known for the job.

Dr. Jamshid Nematollahi

Dear colleagues,

As an internationally trained dentist, graduated from U of T, there were so many things to learn in a dental practice, from filing for income tax, to buying a practice.

I met David and his supportive associates in my first attempt to at buying a practice.  Surprisingly, he did not accept my offer because he had another client seriously interested in buying the same practice.  It was a breach in confidentiality for David to help me in this matter. David’s decision not only did not upset me, but it also made me trust him and his firm much more than before.  Since then, DCY is my accountant, my financial consultant, and the group that made my dreams come true by buying the right practice.

My son is also studying to become a dentist, and I will certainly be passing on my knowledge gained from DCY in order for him to have a successful career.

I am very thankful for David and his wonderful team for continuing their support and professional advice.  I believe that having DCY as my adviser was the best decision that I made and I wouldn’t have been where I am today without their guidance.


Dr. Navab-Safavi


Dear David and Basil,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation of the way that you have handled my financial affairs. Since joining your firm in 2009, my experience with DCY over the past number of years has been extremely rewarding.

For the past 23 years I had entrusted my affairs to a large accounting firm thinking that everything was in order. However, at the insistence of a colleague, Dr. Carolyn Poon Woo, and reading David’s articles in the Professional Advisory, I decided to meet with you to determine if there was something that may have been overlooked. After that initial meeting and hearing your recommendations I knew that your firm was the “real deal”.

As you know, I am a very “hands on” person and as such I am delighted with the precise care and attention to detail that your firm follows. The reorganization of my practice and timely advice has set me on a pathway that will lead to a comfortable and predictable retirement. As a change of this nature can often be painful in the beginning (short term pain, long term gain), Basil was extremely supportive in explaining every step of the way, working closely with my bookkeeper and generally overseeing the process so that effective strategies were put in place to magnify the results of my efforts. In addition, the fact that your firm works so closely with hundreds of dentists gives me comfort knowing that you are on the pinnacle of current thought in our industry and have made these recommendations from a position of knowledge. I would also like to add that
when I call your office the receptionist is polite and efficient. My calls are quickly answered and directed to you without the annoyance of a large firm’s voice mail. There are no “airs” or aloofness, just a well run machine that has an incredible handle on tax matters for health care professionals. It is this understanding and approach delivered in a no nonsense environment that has earned my trust and respect.

As you know, in the spring of 2012 Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) came calling, questioning the manner and rationale in which my reorganization took place. My concerns and quite frankly, nervousness, were handled with knowledge, support and empathy. With your guidance, our interview and subsequent investigations by CRA were handled professionally and with confidence, knowing full well that your recommendations were “in bounds” from the start. I especially appreciated Basil fielding all calls from the auditor and attending the interview with me to fill in any gaps. Through a joint strategy and constant communication with me, your position on my professional corporation was vindicated when CRA notified me that all was in order and no further investigation was required. As I had expressed many times during the event, I sincerely appreciated the approach that you took towards me and the “hand holding” to see things through to such a positive outcome.

Now that my practice has been incorporated for sometime, I am now benefiting from the wisdom of your years of experience in wealth building to guide me in the years still to come. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you certainly take the sting out of the CRA bite. It is my pleasure to provide a 100% endorsement of DCY Chartered Accountants. I am pleased to share my experience personally with any one who may need additional confirmation. I appreciate the friendship that is building and I am so thankful that I have become your client with many more productive years left in my career. I wish you continued success and a long engaging relationship.

Yours truly,

Dr. Jordan Soll

I feel compelled to express my extreme satisfaction and appreciation for all that David has done for me over the years.

I graduated from Dentistry in 2001 at Western University (formerly The University of Western Ontario).  I have a private general practice in Waterdown, Ontario, which is just west of Burlington.  I have known David and his staff from the moment I graduated and started with him when I was in my final months of dental school.  I associated for two years in Oakville and Mississauga before buying my current practice.

From the moment I hired DCY Accounting my career path has been growing to where I am today and I have DCY Accounting to thank for that.  David and his staff have been instrumental in my success as an associate and as a practice owner.  They have always been happy to give me advice when requested and despite spending numerous hours over the phone or in person over the course of my career, they have never charged me additional fees in addition to their usual accounting fee.  That is what truly separates DCY Accounting from the rest.  Your best interests are his interests.

David was instrumental for finding me my practice in Waterdown as it was a very competitive market as a buyer, as it is today.  My hopes was to be in the GTA though my expectation were not, simply due to the market environment.  However, he knew my desire to be in the GTA and he helped find me that gem in the rough practice, and helped me grow it to what it is today.  In 2010, I was ready to expand. He helped me find a building that was close to my existing practice but also help me acquire a second practice that was geographically close to my existing practice.  With his help, I merged the two practices and now own the building which gives me indefinite security with no landlord or leases to worry about.

In short, I do owe David everything I have today.  True, as a dentist and a practice owner, you still need to establish your own business model, your clinical skills and a core foundation of sound patient care, but David provided me the scaffolding to build it.  As a first year student coming out in 2001 to an associate up until 2003, I could not have asked for any better opportunity than what David was able to offer me through his advice and dedication to the goals I wanted to achieve.  He was there with me from the start.  We were not friends when we first met. I was simply his client. But David treats all his clients as more than clients and my situation is the ultimate testimonial that demonstrates that this is not just another cliche statement.

I would be happy to speak with anyone who would like to speak to me regarding the level of service David and his staff have given me in my 18 years of dentistry.


Dr. Andre Tam

The DCY Team was recommended to me just prior to graduation by other dental students within the University of Toronto that had heard David Chong Yen speak.  They said, “he sounds like everything we would want for an accountant.” I took their advice and decided to email the DCY firm.  Shortly thereafter, I was scheduled for a one-on-one meeting with David himself who took over one hour to discuss my future goals as a dentist (when I hadn’t even graduated yet!). We got to know each other quite well and he even shared some of his advice from his own past experiences.  It was a great experience and I decided to move forward with David and his team.

After starting an associateship in my hometown, the opportunity to purchase the practice came my way.  I called David and we met again for another one-on-one meeting (I believe it was over 2 hours in length this time), not to mention the 1 hour Skype phone call on a Saturday evening mid-way through the purchase.  Throughout the sale, David and his team gave me very practical advice and the necessary confidence to move forward. Currently, I work closely with Eugene at DCY. He is very knowledgeable and my emails are impressively answered within 5 minutes. Needless to say, I could not have purchased a practice smoothly without their help.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with all of them and they made me feel like I am part of their family and belong with them for the rest of my career!


Dr. Courtney Toms

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure and honor to write this letter about David Chong Yen and his team. My family and I have been engaging David’s services for almost 10 years now. It is a milestone in today society for a professional association.

David and his team provide an outstanding level of service with their professionalism, knowledge and serviceability. Beside their understanding of accounting, they have a profound understanding of the financial planning, the legalities of the health care profession and its day to day function. Over the years, the entire team has shown an exceptional and personalized commitment to my family and me.

As a leader and a person, David is an honest, hard working and trustworthy individual. You can always count on him to be down to earth and up front with his recommendations. David is also involved in writing articles for different journals, in many speaking engagements at universities and conventions. His success and the amazing growth of his firm are a reflection of David as a human being.

Without any hesitation, I absolutely recommend David Chong Yen and his firm to you.

Best regards,

Dr. Huyen Ung


Dear Prospective DCY client,

I am writing to you in regards to my experience with DCY and his associates. I want to start by highlighting the importance of finding an accountant who you can fully trust to help make the best decisions for you. As a dentist, you will be too busy and don’t have the knowledge to make the best financial decisions. It is imperative to find an accountant who has proven experience, knowledge, and connections. Don’t settle on an any accountant because you want to save a few dollars because it will cost you a lot more later. Make the most of your time working by putting your financial needs in the hands of DCY and that is why I am recommending them to you.

Dave was the first person while I was in dental school who spoke to me like I was a professional. From day one, he will treat you the same as his biggest client. He makes me feel like my business is important to him and that was evident by the effort he and his staff made while I was in rural, northern Ontario where communication was not easy.

DCY has all the connections you will need from the time you are in school, as an associate, to the time you buy a practice, and ultimately sell. Dave is the only reason why I was able to purchase the practice I currently own. It was a smooth process getting a loan from the bank because he does so much business with them. Any time I had trouble with the bank, DCY was there to settle it immediately with them. A lot of my happiness both personally and dentistry-related are owed to him because of the position he put me in to succeed.

In a short time, DCY has provided me with all the services I have needed and executed them thoroughly in a timely fashion, definitely saved me lots of money, and have given me sound financial planning advice and goals to go ahead in the future to make me as successful as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Thank you,

Dr. Tyler Zimmer